How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts?

With jam in!

Not really related to this post, but it’s about the only joke I know without slaughtering it. Just about!

Well, these thoughts were inspired by the word ‘jam’ as that is where I found myself yesterday (Thursday) when I found myself trying to make conversation on a conference call with some big VIPs in the US. As a tekkie I am notoriously bad at social behaviour, especially the talking variety.

My boss hadn’t yet joined the conference and the big boss guy from this big huge corporation was asking me about what sort of data we needed from them. (Have I mentioned that I’m a data analyst?) Now, I know the answer to that question and so I pretty much got to the point, but found that when I wanted to explain what we have that they could use I had suddenly forgotten everything I knew about anything and was in a metaphorical ‘jam’.

This is one reason why I IMMENSELY dislike phone conversations. In person you can see that the big boss isn’t that scary and you can make eye contact, but hearing the bodiless voice over the phone somehow incites a primordial fear of the unknown. It didn’t help that I’d been constantly told how important these people are (there were about four other people in the conference call). *sigh*

Well, anyway, I froze up and ended up bumbling on and apologising as I was nervous, which, reflecting upon it afterwards, was a silly thing to do as I basically told them that I was inexperienced and unsure of myself or whatever. Arg! I spent a year a couple of years ago talking to people on the phone for a job – you’d think I’d have overcome such a fear!

And so a moral of the story has come to light.

Life can be frustrating and things you think you have conquered come back every now and then when you least expect it. Of course, there is no point spending your life looking over your shoulder and forever afraid of your shadow; if incidents happen again you just have to learn to deal with them and move on. An important lesson I learnt when I was younger is how important it is to be able laugh at yourself. People are less likely to peck at points they think maybe be a ‘weakness’ if you laugh and it and don’t seem to care.

All about the façade, huh.


Ahhh a few days too many passed by! Let’s talk about hot-headed people…

The last few days have been more involved at work, although I am not doing as much as I would like at the moment. The person who I’m supposed to be working with finally came back from holiday, 3 weeks after I started! Talk about bad timing, oh well…

On the 15th when I was tired (still am) I had a strange lunch. One of the girls from work, lets caller her Ms M, invited me to go with them to get some food and go to Boots to get whatever they needed. Eager to join in with the crowd I happily agreed. All went well until we went to Boots. I got talking to one of the girls and we were chatting away while we walked there and looked around and when I went to go and pay Ms M was behind me.

So I reached the checkout and was paying when a girl walked by me and Ms M shouted after her for pushing in. This other girl (unknown) made some comment under her breath and turned around again. So Ms M, even more loudly, asker her to repeat what she said and when she did you could see the world flip over and the titan emerge. She started talking heatedly (and very loudly) to this girl, telling her how rude she was and I tried to calm her down but could see that it was going to be impossible (I had paid at this point). It was very strange. I could almost see this roaring dragon behind her eyes that didn’t even see me – just this girl. I moved out the way to stand by one of my colleagues that was waiting by the products at the end of the queue and we watched with mixed fascination, surprise and a little horror at what was happening.

It quickly led to Ms M pushing this girl out the way to stand in front of the till. The girl pretty much flew across the floor. If there weren’t objects just behind her, I reckon she would have landed a lot further than she did. This brought some stunned silence to the rest of the crowd; there was a reasonable number of people at the tills and waiting for them in the narrow line behind the sweets where this girl had landed. The girl got up quite quickly and Ms M kept on ranting about something or another, demanding service. Ms M went to stand in front of another till while this girl stood at the same one, with Ms M making idle threats at the woman she floored if she said any more. I’m not sure but she might have actually hit her properly if provoked again…

The man behind the cashier refused to serve her and called for another server who quickly and quietly scanned Ms M’s goods while she continued ranting and raving on. I have to say I was a little surprised at the behaviour – I did not expect that and I don’t think any of the other girls from the office did, either. It took her the best part of an hour to calm down and you could almost see the clogs ticking round behind her eyes. At first she had no remorse; Ms M constantly reminded us that she would have hit her if she needed to (probably just idle threats at this point, but she is one of the most heated people I’ve ever seen). She even told friends over the phone what had happened, they seemingly agreeing with her by the loud tone of her conversation. I have to say I found this attitude quite interesting as I don’t know anyone quite like that. I know a few hot-headed guys, but this was on a different plane – really different!

After a while, when talking with the rest of us back in the office, she said that she could have handled it differently, but kept on about if people aggravated her she would happily retaliate. Then after a while after that she admitted that she could have handled things better and that she isn’t normally like that. Then it got down to full remorse, apologising to everyone for her behaviour multiple times and stating that she is never normally like that. I suspect that she is more hot-headed than she likes to admit. I was, at that point, envisaging judo throwing her and holding her in a lock should the situation arise in the office, but that is a private fantasy 😉 Plus I doubt it would be a particularly good idea…

Anyway, it was a surprising turn of events that probably should deter me from her company, but doesn’t particularly affect how I feel about her to be honest. I don’t know her! I’m not particularly judgemental on situations like that, although I do become more alert of small changes in body language. I want to write more but am tired and I need sleep!

Night night x