Spiders!!!!! *goes mad!*

One of my greatest fears in life has eight legs and scuttles around in a very creepy way. It is the dreaded spider. The biggest trouble I have with this fear is my innate inability to kill living things. So thus I run. I run to a place where I am a safe enough distance away from the critter without putting myself out of the room (aka near to the door). This strategy does not always work when the creature in question is attached to the back of the door as I found one heart-stopping evening, hand extended towards the¬†doorknob. Can’t say I’m exaggerating the bodily effect either – the phrase ‘heart-in-mouth’ became an accurate metaphor for my state of being.

I shall expand this further tomorrow as I have to get to sleep soon ~ damned to a life with the things, woe the effects should they cease to exist. Trials and tribulations!