Fight – for the right – to cho~~~colate!

Not sure if it came across in the title, but I was thinking of a particular song; exchange chocolate for party. 😉

Yes, well. Chocolate. I have to say that I’m rather partial to the stuff. So imagine my fury when I go downstairs to try some of the Marks n Sparks chocolate roulade cake and find an empty box lying by the bin. Hell hath no fury greater than a woman scorned (or something like that). In my case, scorned by not leaving any chocolate cake. As it happens, this is the SECOND time in as many months where the last of the cake has been scoffed by some of the snout-and-trotter laden humans wandering about this home. Manners do not exist with food, even if you have eaten a large meal earlier in the day; if you don’t get to the cake in time, you don’t get any. I tell you, my fury raged for a good few minutes. The particular family member in question even admitted to feeling slightly ill afterwards from eating  too much (around 1/5th of the cake!!).

But even with a small retribution like that to help rebalance the world or whatever, the damage was done. That person then went onto claim that they were saving myself from those extra calories – that extra fat – and sacrificed themselves. Of course, all of this was said with a cheeky-with-a-hint-of-sheepish grin on their face so didn’t mean sod. It is the excuse used every time a piece of food gets scoffed when it could have been someone else’s. The other member of this family took my side in complaining, but considering that they had tried some of this cake I was not interested in supporters. I quickly reminded that person of the incident just less than a month ago when the last sizeable chunk of rich chocolate cake suddenly disappeared from its stand. And so the sheepish laughs rang throughout the house. I decided to grab some chocolate digestives as a replacement (hardly good enough, especially as they were milk, not plain, chocolate) and return to the solitude of my room. Yet another mark left in my proverbial black book. One day I shall wreak my revenge.