Because of the new job I have been waking up at an un-Earthly hour of the morning. Coming from university, this has been a shock to my system, even after some weeks holiday (still got up late…). So for me the weekend is the elusive rest time. A peaceful time to rest and enjoy life however I see fit. This means getting up when I want.
Today I was woken up by my loving parents who thought it was quite time enough for me to be awake. I have a couple of problems with this.
1) they have not woken me up for years, I swear. Why start now?
2) because of the lack of sleep I’ve been having (plus the remains of a cold), being woken up early is probably the thing which stresses me out most. I mean, REALLLY stresses me out. I bet my blood pressure sky-rocketed.
Normally I would be roughly awake at 11:30 and be mildly pissed off if I went to bed late and was woken up. Today I could not cope with it. Still cannot really. It is the sort of stress that builds up in the back of your throat and makes you want to cry, productive or not.
You would think that it would be logical that if I was still asleep, it would be because I needed it. I tend to wake up when I’m fully rested so it’s not like I sleep just for the sake of it. If I were just laying in bed then they could have checked by asking softly or something, rather than talking loudly through the door and banging on it. Note the rising stress levels. It’s like being torn out of a dream by a few hairs on your head and yanked into reality. And of course they expect me to remember everything that they say during the process of adjusting myself to reality and grasping onto the remnants of the dream I was having. Note another stress-making point.
I have probably ranted and raved enough, but I just wanted to make the point that I don’t like being woken up. Especially when I need sleep. The sad thing is that on better days I have explained all this lovingly to my parents and they don’t listen, or if they do they ignore it. It is a wonder that I’m as sane as I am with parents that don’t listen to anything I say. (Not joking here, the more important it is, the less they listen)


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