Found this in a document at work from yesterday haha

So this is the end of the day and of this document for now. What a waste of a day. Peeved off ein bischen. Ich will keine Verbindung zu ihm.

 Keep working until the end, go me! I should really start my own website. It is only under £9 a year! Check on godaddy how many pages I can have. Surely you can have pages coming off pages, that is what a domain is, correct?

I came before bladepanther *hmph*. I think. Obviously a guy. Obviously. Taking my, an innocent girl’s name. Grah. I might not be so innocent, though. I can’t stay longer than 6, really.


Yeh, it was the end of the day, I needed a break hehe. I don’t actually speak German – Google translate did the work 😛 So it could be wrong…. oh well!


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