Hmm, so I had an annoying day at work…

I have a cold and I think I went slightly mad, but oh well.  I managed to come up with some weeeird stuff haha:

Refined poetry 😀

Red, green, blue black

So many different colours to whack

All on horses

All hard to beat

Look at those trotting lumps of meat.

Yeh. Don’t ask me why those exact words, somehow whack was the only thing other that back that I could think of to rhyme with black. I was watching the Olympics btw, although you may have guessed.


Here is the rest of my ravings. I’ve left out names… let’s hope my colleagues never see this. Ever. Ever.

1 hour 53 minutes to go. Only fractionally less boring here than at [previous company]. At least I’m supposed to be doing some mega-cool project that will revolutionise the company. Whoop-de-do.  Progress STAGNANT.


Use variety of documents to help figure out an equation – look in my documents and online.

Get data from Mr.X and Mr.Y. Pull Mr.X’s teeth! Then figure out who Miss.Z is, talk to her, then get [boss] to introduce me to Mr.A and [very big boss man]. Can just email them!!!! Not a huge effort…. Just need an input from different sources (lol). <-this is a joke as my work uses a lot of inputs from different sources… I’m a tekkie. Sad isn’t it.

Need to start thinking of the algorithms that I can use. Online suggestions of k-nearest are interesting. I need to write an analysis of each and which one would suit us best. I think I’m going crazy with tiredness –it needs to be cooler in here. The door open is not enough. I need air!!!


It has become a little bit cooler in here now and it probably helped that I got up and walked around. The toilets are pretty gross, or at least, one is. It is filled full of paper and probably won’t flush. Urgh really don’t like colds ;(. Wish I was at home, tucked up in my comfy bed, all fast asleep. *Sigh*


The Olympics on the TV screens are really distracting. Home ;( Bed ❤ ;( They are showing bmx racing and hockey. They were showing horse-racing before which is pretty boring tbh. I used to think bmx bikes were motorised, but obviously not. They just have tiny wheels. Like those fold-away ones that you can carry onto the trains.

I’m ill, feel pity for me! Jokes, don’t feel pity for me, pity me because I’m hopeless at the moment and can’t seem to initiate anything. What a day, eh. Long and tortuous. *sigh*


I think that bastard is ignoring me. Ohohohohohoho I’ll show him, I’ll put him in his place and corner him! Can’t get away from me forever.

He is sitting at his desk! Doesn’t look like he’s doing anything of particular importance. *_* He could spare a moment just to email me back, right?

He can obviously make time for everyone else. I really am unimpressed with the male homosapiens on this planet when I come across people like this, so rude!


1 hour 16 mins to go before the end; getting closer but not nearly by enough. Hallelujah


1 hour 4 mins to go. He just walked past a couple of times without even aknowledging me! Rude so-and-so. Argh at this rate I’m going to ignore him back, and he will have missed out. Heh. Can just imagine saying that to his face, le smug bastardos. Hehehehe


As you can see, I was starting to lose my sanity. That is what inspired me to open this blog, because at least I can vent somewhere. I kinda hope noone is reading this, I sound very different to myself. Tiredness does that to you. I guess I would never be a survivor in one of those film situations, huh, when there is one person who survives the sanity and manages to escape. Nope. I’d be locked inside my prison, rocking to and fro and laughing manically. Can kinda imagine it which is somewhat worrying…


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